Cooking lessons space

Stock Pot Malden rents out its Stock Pot Malden2 kitchen as a venue for chefs and food educators wanting to provide cooking lessons for up to 20 people. Available hours are from 6 pm to 10 pm every day, including week-ends, availability permitting.

The kitchen is fully licensed with the city of Malden and offers a hot line comprising a hood, easy-access burners, ovens, fryolators and a tilt skillet, supported by dry storage, walk-in storage and freezer areas. 

The chef does his/her prep on two prep tables facing the class and students practice their skills at prep tables arrayed in U-shaped form around him/her. Students are invited to huddle around the chef as he/she turns back to demonstrate use of the equipment on the hot line.

All chefs need be ServSafe certified to gain access to our kitchen. The food prepared during the lesson can be consumed by participants, but no food can be sold to third parties as a result of the cooking lesson.

Chefs and educators can gain access to the kitchen between 5 and 6 pm to lay out their food and prepare for their lesson. Students are not admitted until 6 pm. Everybody needs to be out of the kitchen by 10 pm. Parking is generally available on Pearl Street or one in the adjacent streets.

Chefs and educators are responsible for bringing their food and consumables, and for cleaning pots and pans and the facility after their session. We levy a fine of $100 if the kitchen requires additional cleaning on our part.

The rental cost of the kitchen is set at $150 per hour for 2020, including prep time and clean-up time. Most rentals are for 4 or 5 hours, including one hour of preparation, 2-3 hour lessons and 1 hour of clean-up. We have a minimum of 3 hours per session.

We also offer use of a computer projector and flat screen at the cost of $150 per session (for up to the full 5 hours).

All payments are to be made in advance and are refundable until 5 days before the session. No refund will be granted if cancellation occurs less than 5 days ahead of the session.

Chefs and educators are responsible for recruiting their students for each class and for collecting the fees they wish to charge.